More security at home: use mobile phone as a security camera

Do you have an old smartphone or tablet lying around? In a jiffy, you can conjure up a full-fledged security camera including a motion detector.


Tip 1: The smartphone as a security camera

For iOS users, for example, the app iVigilo is available for download. If you install them on your iPhone, you can start a video stream and film a location of your choice in just a few clicks.

The record can also be retrieved from any other device via the browser using the IP address displayed in the stream. In the case of Android, for example, also the free application IPCam did the same task.

However, this method has a few disadvantages. You can not take your smartphone with you, but leave it in the place you want to monitor. In addition, the permanent video stream and the Internet connection naturally pull on the battery, which sometimes depletes the energy of the iOS or Android device after some time. The biggest problem, however, is that the recording and streaming devices must be on the same network. On the way, monitoring does not succeed.

However, if you set up your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot on the road and have another mobile device with you, this method can also be used outside the home network. But beware – this will consume your data very quickly!

Tip 2: Use Webcam on the way for monitoring

Looking for a way to check pictures from a camera on the phone while on the move? There are also a few free options for this. For Android and iOS, this can be done via a VNC remote app such as Guarding Expert For PC – provided you have a webcam.

If you install them on your smartphone and at the same time the software for your Mac or PC, you can control your computer completely remotely and network-independent. Before exiting the stationary computer, however, they must remember the access data for the remote access, which is displayed in the start window of the TeamViewer.

However, the operation of the PC or Mac menu via the small smartphone screen is a bit cumbersome. With a little patience, the webcam of the computer can be started remotely. Of course, the computer must be turned on and the internet connection is up all the time.

Tip 3: Screenshots of CamAlert II

Anyone who does not necessarily want to follow the domestic events via a video stream, but is also satisfied with screenshots, can also download a corresponding monitoring software such as CamAltert II on the PC.

It also uses the computer’s webcam to monitor the immediate area. A motion sensor is also integrated, which detects changes in the image and takes a picture. If desired, the program can save the recordings in the folder of an online storage service such as Dropbox or SkyDrive. In this way, the images can then retrieve on the go.



Since the mentioned variants are free as mentioned, their functionality is limited compared to chargeable apps or IP cameras like the iZon. In the case of specific security concerns, a professional solution should always be used that can not be turned off or destroyed as easily as a smartphone or webcam.

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